Thursday, October 16

ham-sandwich-su-1724843-x (1)

We have home-made beef chili today. Our special is two small open faced sandwiches on rosemary bread topped with strawberry jam, ham and brie. Toasted and topped with baby spinach served with a side of fresh fruit. $5.29

Tuesday, October 2

cheesy bread

Our soup today is Garden Vegetable with Parmesan. It is Taco Tuesday. Choose between tacos or a taco salad. We do not have guacamole today. Hunts Brothers is marketing a limited time cheesy bread with marinara dipping sauce. Snack size is 2 sticks $1.99, family size is 6 $5.49. Also, …

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Thursday, October 2


Our soup today is Chicken Tortilla. Our special is a Roast beef and Brie panini with tomato $5.99. We are also featuring two new fried items: smoked Gouda and macaroni bites $3.59 and our fried chicken biscuit $3.59. Please note that we are temporarily out of chicken fingers until our …

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